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Carpet Cleaning: For your convenience, Quality Counts uses both Dry and Steam cleaning methods (your choice). Our solutions leave no soil attracting residues behind so your carpet can stay cleaner longer. Most carpet dries in 1-3 hours and our workmanship is always guaranteed.


Area Rug Cleaning: Extra care and safety is taken when cleaning area rugs and our service includes free pickup and delivery or we can clean your area rug in your home. You can trust that our thoroughly trained technicians will use the safest, most effective cleaning solutions on your rugs.
Upholstery Cleaning: Furniture is often a big investment and with proper maintenance the life of your furniture can be greatly extended. We thoroughly clean all types of upholstery material; synthetic fibers as well as natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk, leather and more. Your furniture will be cleaned using the most effective cleaners that is still considered safe for your upholstery.
Tile and Grout Cleaning: Give those weary knees a break and let us show you how thoroughly we can clean your tile and grout. Most companies will either scrub or steam clean your tile, at Quality Counts we do both every time and we tend to do it for less. We’ll pre-spray the grout well ahead so that the solution has time to work on any stains in the grout. Then we have a machine to scrub your grout. And finally we’ll steam and extract the tile and grout leaving your floors sparkling clean.

Marble & Natural Stone Polishing / Terrazzo Cleaning: We'll have your marble or stone floors shining and fresh in no time! Our technicians are skilled in working with a variety of flooring and our equipment is of the highest quality. Whether they need a simple cleaning or a full polishing to bring out the natural lustre, Quality Counts can help!



Pet Stain/Urine Removal: At Quality Counts, we help make owning a pet easy by offering a professional strength pet odor decontaminate and stain remover which eliminates the source of organic odors naturally.
Difficult Stain Removal: We have solutions that are designed to break away stains that other carpet cleaners can’t or won’t. Our solutions eliminate spots such as ink, grease, paint, make-up, gum, blood, wine and urine. If it will come out, Quality Counts will get it out.


Carpet & Fabric Protection: Normal wear and tear breaks down carpet & upholstery making them susceptible to permanent staining. Through vacuuming and cleaning, a small portion of the manufacturer’s protectors may be removed. A protector puts back the resilience your carpet and upholstery once had and is recommended by most manufacturers.

Sanitizer: We can eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, virus, mold, mildew, fungus and their odors from any item that we clean leaving a fresh clean scent. Just ask our technician about our disinfecting additive.

Grout Sealing: Preventive maintenance is the best solution when trying to keep your grout clean. Our grout sealer will penetrate deep into the grout to help repel staining.

Floods: Time is of the essence. We offer 24-hour emergency water removal to our customers. Leaky water heaters, pipes, A/C units, flood damage due to rain are just some of the emergencies we service.


You may use our online Quoting System to get a complete quote on the service(s) you need. Alternatively, view our Pricing List to see summarized pricing on services offered.

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